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Mounting Method for Gysin Planetary Gearboxes

- Please refer to the illustration below.

- An explanation follows the illustration.

Mounting Procedures with Standard Motor Designs

Assembly Time for mounting the Gearbox to Motor is approximately 5 minutes or less.

The interfacing concept is illustrated in the above picture and is explained as follows:

The Motor is shown in green with the drive shaft pointing downward.

The Pinion for the Gear Reducer (supplied by Gysin) slides onto the shaft, and is secured in place, usually with either an adhesive or with cross-pin that protrudes through a hole in the pinion and in the shaft.  For some applications, Gysin will machine the pinion directly into the motor shaft.

The bronze-colored Ring in the center is an Adapter Plate, custom designed and machined by Gysin. It is designed to match the Pilot and Mounting Holes on the Drive Motor.

Mounting Bolts in the axial direction fasten the Adapter Plate to the Motor.

The Gearbox then slides onto the Adapter Plate, with a precision fit between the two.

Screws in the radial direction are then used to fasten the Gearbox to the Adapter Plate.

For those situations where a manufacturer is custom designing a motor for a specific application, the motor can be designed to directly mate with the gearbox without the use of an adapter plate.

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