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Typical Gysin Planetary Gearbox Features

With their broad array of features and compact designs, Gysin Planetary Gear Reducers are used in a wide range of applications.  

Typical Features include:

16 to 120 mm Diameters (0.67 to 4.7 inches)  Smaller and Larger Diameters will be given serious consideration upon  request.)

High Efficiency (Thanks to the use of precision components,   thereby minimizing the power needed to drive them.)

Minimal Backlash (Gysin's Standard Backlash Specifications are acceptable for most applications.  Optional constructions are available to further reduce backlash for especially stringent situations, such as for Precise Servo Motor applications.)

Compact Designs (Offering advantages wherever there are "space constraints")

Design Flexibility (With a wide range of pre-designed components, a broad range of standard product solutions are available.)

Convenient Mechanical Interfacing (Typically, Gysin gear reducers can be mounted to a drive motor in five minutes or less.  Please refer to the Planetary Gear Mounting page for additional information.)

Many Optional Features 

(Please refer to the Planetary Gear Options page for additional information.)

Outstanding Quality, in the Swiss tradition. 

    (ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 certified)

Fast Lead Times (Thanks to the use of standardized components and efficient production techniques, along with convenient UPS and Fed Ex services, manufacturing and shipping times are attractive. Also, with multiple unit shipments, per unit shipping costs are modest.)  

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